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"Alexa and Mrs Kennedy, two inspiring women"

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Alexa on a recent Oxfam visit with us! 

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No, you didn’t read that wrong – 81%. If you’re living in a poorer country, you’re more vulnerable when disaster strikes – at greater risk of losing your home, your livelihood, your life.

This week, we’re talking about disasters, and how we can help to reduce the likelihood and impact of disasters, helping many thousands of people in the process.

We believe every person should be protected against disaster, whatever their postcode and paypacket. Please REBLOG this post if you agree.

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Today is World Humanitarian Day – a good time to remember the people around the world in urgent need of help. And those working tirelessly to deliver it.

If you take the Middle East, 28 million people currently need humanitarian aid – that’s the equivalent of almost half of the UK population. Our humanitarian staff are working across the region – and the globe – providing life-saving food, water and shelter, often in difficult and dangerous situations. 

We believe no one should be left to face disaster alone – REBLOG this post if you agree.

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Earlier today, we trapped 150 men, women and children in tiny boxes in central London. Why?

It was part of a demonstration to illustrate the conditions faced by the people in Gaza who are trapped by the blockade. The destruction of civilian buildings and infrastructure this month is the worst we’ve seen in 20 years of working there. The blockade needs to be lifted so Gaza can recover and rebuild - this time, for good.

Watch and share this video to see what happened and to join our call to end the blockade now.