Posted 2 days ago

A baby born in a swamp. A boy who survived being shot in the head.

Extraordinary real stories of survival in South Sudan, told in an incredible new interactive story from us:

Posted 3 days ago

We can tell you that the situation in South Sudan is desperate, but there’s nothing like seeing it for yourself. We asked one mum living in a camp to wear a camera – she was happy to do it because she wants the world to see what her life has become.

Watch the footage below and if you believe in what she says at the end, please SHARE it.

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Bothbeit is just 10 years old. He was shot three times in the head while running for his life in South Sudan. Miraculously he’s still alive. But now he faces the growing threat of famine. And he can’t escape this on his own. We have to act now.

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We love our coffee. But climate change could drive up the cost for us and, more importantly, the farmers who grow it. In Guatemala, high temperatures, heavy rains and droughts devastated more than 22 per cent of the crop last year, putting 200,000 people out of work and leaving them unable to feed their families.

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Have you been watching Channel 4’s Don’t Stop The Music? The final show is tonight, but the good news is you can still take part in the instrument amnesty right up until 17 October. Just drop yours off at your local Oxfam shop and the Don’t Stop The Music team will make sure your musical instrument gets to a primary school that needs it. Please REBLOG this post to help spread the word.