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In 2001, Rwanda replaced its old flag because of its associations with the genocide, and brought in this brand new lovely flag. Blue symbolises happiness and peace, while yellow stands for economic development. Green means the hope of prosperity, and the sun represents unity and the fight against ignorance.

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#regram from @emelisande - she’s in Zambia visiting our ‘I Care About Her’ programme, which aims to stop violence against women and gender inequality.

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We think that empowering women is vital to ending poverty. That’s why in 2012/2013 we helped to make 1.7 million women aware of, and able to stand up for, their rights. 

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Nosim shows her mother, Nolmaai, her school exercises. 

Nolmaai has been going to adult literacy classes for two months. She says: “My children are at school, and that’s what is taking me into class. I see where the teacher has marked ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in Nosim’s exercise books, and I feel happy and proud when I see her answers marked ‘right’! Now I want to understand, so I can see what Nosim is answering.’ 
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This is Naziah, age 11, outside her school in Hays, Yemen. Hays is an extremely poor area where the population lives on an average of $1 per day, and 50% of the population have no access to education. We’re helping to rehabilitate this school which works in 2 shifts to give the maximum number of children schooling. 

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